Make Out City are the red lipstick of indie rock: loud, flashy, and unforgettable.

A broken heart and a personal ad sealed with a kiss brought them together in September 2012. After playing in Edmonton for three years Electric Love Song (Patrick Chorley – bass, Amir Reshef – guitar, and Jon Schofield – drums) had run out of love but not out of songs. Meanwhile, vocal powerhouse, Gaïa Willis, was looking for a new project after saying goodbye to Splitsville and moving to the make out capital. They met and combined to form Make Out City: a valentine to hard rock and indie music.

Their list of influences is a long one and while Make Out City won’t kiss and tell, it’s safe to say that past and present crushes include: Led Zeppelin, Heart, Death From Above 1979, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

After two EP releases, Make Out Monday in 2013 and Handsome Tuesday in 2014, the group are still smitten. They hook up every week in the heart of the city to strut their stuff in their sweltering practice space. Whether playing live with bands like Five Alarm Funk, Death By Robot, Small Town Knife Fight, or I Am Machi, they continue to bring you the hot and heavy music you need to make out to.


Make Out City